Is Shipping in Pennsylvania Taxable?

by TaxJar December 1, 2014

Last updated July 14, 2017

Every state has different rules and regulations when it comes to sales tax. One regulation that often varies is whether or not you need to charge your customers sales tax on shipping charges. Today we take a look at the taxability of shipping charges in Pennsylvania.

Sales Tax on Shipping in Pennsylvania?

Fortunately, Pennsylvania is one of the more straightforward states. In a nutshell, if all the items being shipped are taxable, then shipping is taxable. If all the items being shipped are not taxable, then shipping is not taxable. And if you are shipping a combination of taxable and non-taxable items, then the shipping charges for the entire shipment are taxable.

Summary of Sales Tax on Shipping in Pennsylvania

Considering the fact that Pennsylvania can be a very tough state for sellers to deal with in many ways, it’s almost surprising that their rules on the taxability of shipping are so straightforward. Remember:

All items taxable – shipping is taxable

All items non-taxable – shipping is not taxable

A mix of taxable and non-taxable items – shipping is taxable

Do you have questions or comments about the taxability of shipping in Pennsylvania? Start the conversation in the comments!

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