How to talk to a human about sales tax in every state

by TaxJar February 11, 2024

Please note: This blog was originally published in 2019. It’s since been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

State customer service phone numbers can be hard to find, and then callers can be directed through a maze of options before getting your answer. Further, many states either don’t communicate sales tax info by email, or have very long reply times, which isn’t helpful when you need an answer right now. (If you’d rather email, though, you can find a list of state department of revenue emails here.)

To make your life a little easier when calling your state’s taxing authority, we put together this list. Find the state you need to call below and follow the steps to get to an actual helpful human who can answer your sales tax questions.

Phone Number: 334-242-1490 
Press 3 for Sales Tax

Phone Number: 602-255-3381
Press 1 for English, 1 for business, then 3 for Representative.

Phone Number: 501-682-7104

Phone Number: 800-400-7115
Press 1 for English, 1 for Sales & Use Tax, Choose your question/issue and get to a representative (To repeat options press 8)

Phone Number: 303-238-7378
Press 3 for Sales Tax & More

Phone Number: 800-382-9463 
Press 3, then press 6

District of Columbia
Phone Number: 202-727-4829
Stay on the line until you get to main menu, press 1 for English, then press 7

Phone Number: 850-488-6800
Press 1 for English, then 4 for general information on taxes, then 5 for all other tax information.

Phone Number: 877-423-6711
Press 1 for Business, 0 to bypass the menu, then enter your tax ID and wait to be forwarded to a Representative.

Phone Number: 808-587-4242
Press 0 for a Representative.

Phone Number: 800-972-7660
Press 0 for a Representative, or just hold the line.

Phone Number: 800-732-8866
Say agent, say or press 3, enter your tax ID or say “I don’t have it.”

Phone Number: 317-232-2240

Stay on the line for English. Press 9 for tax related questions then Press 2 for business tax questions

Phone Number: 800-367-3388
Press 4 for Other Tax Questions, then 3 for Sales and Use Tax.

Phone Number: 785-368-8222
Press 5 for Other Tax Representative, then 2 for Sales and Use Tax Representative.

Phone Number: 502-564-5170
Press 1 for Sales and Use Tax.

Phone Number: 855-307-3893
Press 1 for English, 2 for Business Tax, then 4 for Other Business Questions.

Phone Number: 207-624-9693
This is a number specific for the Sales Tax Division, so you can listen to all the various options or just press 4 for “All Other Calls.”

Phone Number: 800-638-2937
Press 4 for business tax information.

Phone Number: 617-887-6367
Press 3 for Business Tax, 2 for Sales Tax, then 5 for General Inquiries, then 2 for  All Other Inquiries.

Phone Number: 517-335-7508
Press 3 for sales tax.

Phone Number: 651-296-6181
Say or press 6 for Other Sales Tax Options.

Phone Number: 601-923-7015
Press 3 for All Other Sales and Use Tax Questions.

Phone Number: 573-751-7200
Press 5 for General Sales Tax, Press 2 for Business.

Phone Number: 402‑471‑5729
Wait for Main Menu, say “Business Tax” or press 2, then say “Other Options” or press 5, enter your Tax ID or hold for a Representative

Phone Number: 866-962-3707
Press 8 for All Other Inquiries

New Jersey
Phone Number: 609-292-6400
Press 5 for Sales Tax and Other Business Questions. Be prepared to wait!

New Mexico
Phone Number: 505-827-0832
Listen for the correct option or press 0 for an operator.

New York
Phone Number: 518-485-2889
Press 4 for all other calls.

North Carolina
Phone Number: 877-252-3052
Press 1 for English, Wait for Main Menu, press 6 for All Other Inquiries, then 2 for Sales and Use, then 2 for Further Assistance, then enter your Tax ID or press 3 to bypass this option.

North Dakota
Phone Number: 701-328-1246

Phone Number: 888-405-4039
Press 2 for Sales & Use Tax, then 4 for Sales Tax Questions, then either enter your Tax ID, or press 2 to bypass this option.

Phone Number: 405-521-3160
Press 6 to speak to a Representative.

Phone Number: 717-787-1064
Press 3 for sales and use tax, then press 4 for all other sales tax issues, enter your ID.

Puerto Rico
Phone Number: 787-622-0123
[email protected]

Rhode Island
Phone Number: 401-574-8955
Press 2 for Sales & Use Tax.

South Carolina
Phone Number: 803-898-5000
Press 2 for Business Account, then 4 for sales use tax questions, then wait for the pre-recorded message to finish before connecting with a Representative.

South Dakota
Phone Number: 800-829-9188
Press 1 for Sales Tax.

Phone Number: 615-253-0600
Press 2 for Sales Tax, then hold for a representative.

Phone Number: 800-252-5555
Press *(star) to bypass the Tax ID option, then 0 for an Agent. (Be prepared to wait!)

Phone Number: 800-662-4335
Press 0, then 4 for General Tax.

Phone Number: 802-828-2551
Hold the line for the first available agent.

Phone Number: 804-367-8037
Press 4 for an Agent, enter your EID if possible, but if not just wait for a Representative

Phone Number: 360-705-6705
Press 3 for a Tax Specialist, and then 6 for Anything Else.

West Virginia
Phone Number: 800-982-8297
Press 3 for All Other Calls then hold for the next available Agent.

Phone Number: 608-266-2776
Press 4 for all other questions, then 4 again. Choose the option to enter your Tax ID or press 4 to bypass this option.

Phone Number: 307-777-5200

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