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Report: The future of e-commerce compliance

Research and methodology

financial pros surveyed across a range of industries
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Webinar | Thursday, Oct 21, 2021 at 11 AM (PDT)

Inside the future of e-commerce compliance

Join TaxJar Chief Marketing Officer Sara Strope and Alter Agents Chief Strategy Officer Devora Rogers as they delve into key insights gleaned from a survey of more than 500 financial professionals. Survey respondents opened up about how they are navigating the current landscape of e-commerce compliance, as well as how they foresee the landscape changing in the future.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How the current e-commerce landscape is changing how financial pros think of compliance
  • The “hierarchy of needs” of financial professionals
  • What has most impacted the decision to automate compliance
  • What financial pros are looking for in automated compliance solutions.
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Brands are working on overdrive to navigate nexus laws, variable tax rates, and more.

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A report in three parts

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We surveyed more than 500 financial professionals in order to better understand how they are navigating e-commerce compliance -- as well as how they foresee the landscape changing in the future. We’re bringing you our results and the insights they’ve provided in three parts.

  • Part I: The Acceleration of E-Commerce and Impact on Compliance
  • Part II: Addressing the Needs of Financial Professionals
  • Part III: Supporting Compliance with Automation
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Financial professionals are increasingly overwhelmed by changing sales tax legislation.

1/3 of businesses believe they’ve charged incorrect sales tax

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