What You Need to Know About California Sales Tax Audits

by TaxJar November 1, 2020

A lot of tax information you find online is obscure, full of legalese and just downright confusing. That’s why, when we find something that helps to cut through all the noise, we want to share it. Even if we hope it’s something you never need to read! As a prime example of the type of content we love, the tax firm Brotman Law recently shared an excellent eBook “The Ultimate Guide to California Sales Tax Audits.”

In this informative guide you’ll find:

  • How the California Board of Equalization selects companies for an audit
  • What to expect from the audit before it happens
  • What records you should make available to the auditor
  • What your auditor is thinking
  • How to prepare for the audit
  • Possible outcomes (hint: they’re not all bad!)
  • How to appeal a California sales tax audit

Knowledge is power. This guide will give you some peace of mind whether you’re currently under audit or just want to be informed in case you ever get that dreaded letter from the California Board of Equalization. Bonus points for being easy to read and very reassuring!

Check out “The Ultimate Guide to California Sales Tax Audits” today.

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