Everything You Need to Know About Sales Tax and Shopify

by TaxJar November 1, 2020

Our customers from Shopify have been asking a lot of good questions about sales tax and how it applies to their business. So I went ahead and put together the following presentation for our Sales Tax Webinar series, which is aimed to help sellers on all platforms get educated about sales tax compliance.

The slides cover all of the most commonly asked questions we hear from customers, such as:

  • What is nexus?
  • When am I supposed to collect sales tax?
  • How does 3rd party fulfillment affect nexus?
  • An explanation on how sales tax is calculated
  • Recommendations on how to setup tax collection in Shopify

Are you a Shopify store owners with questions? Let’s chat in the discussion section below.

For much more about how TaxJar and Shopify work together, see our Sales Tax 101 for Shopify Sellers guide.Please note: This blog is for informational purposes only. Be advised that sales tax rules and laws are subject to change at any time. For specific sales tax advice regarding your business, contact a tax advisor.

The basics of US sales tax

Learn the fundamentals of sales tax.

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