Sales Tax 101 for Etsy

by Jennifer Dunn November 1, 2020

We recently announced that TaxJar works with your Etsy store. Hooray!

Since then, our Etsy customers from have asked a lot of good questions about sales tax and how it applies to their business. We put together the presentation below.

We also wrote a free, downloadable whitepaper called “An Introduction to Sales Tax”. Download it here (PDF).

The slides (as well as the whitepaper) cover all of the most commonly asked questions we hear from customers, such as:

  • What the heck is nexus?
  • When am I supposed to collect sales tax?
  • Do I collect in my state or all states?
  • An explanation on how sales tax is calculated
  • Recommendations on how to setup tax collection in Etsy

If you have similar questions, please check out the slides below and check out the whitepaper.

Sales Tax Boot Camp for Etsy from TaxJar

Sales Tax Boot Camp for Etsy from TaxJarAny questions about sales tax and Etsy? Let’s chat in the comment section below.

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