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Demonstrating Their Trailblazing Stance on Working Remotely, TaxJar Releases Docuseries Titled “#RemoteLife”

by Sarah Craig February 25, 2020

February 25, 2020 (USA) — TaxJar, a leading technology solution featuring a fully distributed workforce, announces that the company has released a nine-film documentary series that follows the lives of 10 TaxJar employees titled #RemoteLife. The docu-series, which is available to view now at, highlights TaxJar’s 100% remote work philosophy and how it positively impacts the lives of its employees and customers.

“Every day, 150-million Americans spend hours commuting to work, many to jobs they don’t like, leaving little time for what matters most in life, including friends, families and hobbies,” said Mark Faggiano, CEO of TaxJar. “With the freedom to work from anywhere, team members have the ability to integrate work and life, working where they are the most productive, while serving our customers’ needs.”

Viewers will discover how the world of work is changing through the eyes of 10 exceptional teammates thriving in their careers as they live their lives free of the typical constraints of today’s working world. Showcasing TaxJar’s core company values: Proud to be 100% Remote, A Team Built On Trust, Doing the Right Thing for Customers and in Control of Their Own Destinies, the series highlights the benefits that remote work has on its employees.

Since its founding in 2012, TaxJar has been committed to hiring the best and brightest to join their team, and operates by the conviction that a strong, supported team — contributing boundless creativity, innovation and perspective toward the achievement of aligned goals — is a team that succeeds, together. TaxJar invites qualified candidates to apply to join their team.

To view the #RemoteLife docu-series, review and apply to open positions at TaxJar, visit

To view the #RemoteLife trailer, visit

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