Where can you find your Florida Business Partner ID?

by TaxJar March 2, 2016

We’ve recently received a slew of questions from Florida TaxJar customers regarding the “Florida Business Partner ID.” This number is required in order to eFile Florida sales tax returns, but Florida filers are having trouble finding it. So I gave the always-helpful Florida Department of Revenue a call and asked a customer service representative there where to find this number.

Where can you find your Florida Business Partner ID?

You have two options:

1.) Check Your Permit – Find the original sales tax permit you were issued and look for this number in small print on the back of the permit

2.) Contact the state – Call the Florida Department of Revenue and give them identifying info like your EIN or Social Security number. They will look this number up for you.

The quickest way to contact Florida about sales tax is to use this phone number and these menu options:

Phone Number: 850-488-6800
Press 1 for English, then 2 for general information on taxes. (You can also try pressing 0 after pressing 1 for English. This 0 is a hidden option that doesn’t always work!)

Note: We don’t recommend emailing the state unless you have time to wait, because according to the Florida DOR website, they can take up to a week to get back to you.

Why is the Florida Business Partner ID so hard to find?

The helpful Florida rep went on to tell me that, in the past, the business partner ID was only really used by the Department of Revenue to keep track of large companies with many different state tax accounts. But when the state began requiring Business Partner IDs in order for all taxpayers to eFile, the number suddenly became more important. In fact, I could tell I was speaking to someone who probably answered this question dozens of times per day. At least he was cheerful about it!

I hope this post has helped you find your Florida business partner ID. For more info about collecting and filing sales tax in Florida, visit our Florida state sales tax guide.

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