TaxJar Pioneers the Sales Tax Space with the Industry’s First Artificial Intelligence Technology

by Sarah Craig March 12, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Robot Emmet Provides Unmatched Accuracy and Cost Savings for Middle-market eCommerce Firms

100% Remote, March 12, 2020 – TaxJar, the top-rated sales tax automation software, today announced Emmet, the industry’s first artificially intelligent sales tax categorization robot. Built in-house by TaxJar engineers, Emmet applies machine learning to save TaxJar customers’ time by automatically classifying their products by tax code. Since the beginning of 2020, Emmet has already exhibited a 90% success rate in accurately categorizing TaxJar customers’ products.

eCommerce businesses must constantly manage a vast product catalog and remain up to date with shifting compliance regulations. Emmet significantly reduces the time burden of manually researching the exact tax code for each product and then classifying each SKU into the proper tax category. It is estimated that an eCommerce business selling 3,000 products would need 50 hours to research and classify each of their SKUs.

With Emmet, this task now only takes a few hours. And because it is powered by machine learning, Emmet gets smarter and more accurate with each new product it categorizes.

“Technology is in TaxJar’s DNA. Whether we are providing the most elegant onboarding experience or simplifying the complex web of nexus rules, we offer unmatched performance and technology to eliminate the headache of sales tax for our customers,” said Alec Carper, TaxJar’s Director of Engineering. “Emmet simplifies the product categorization process, improves accuracy and provides our customers and partners the confidence of knowing their business is backed by the most accurate and advanced sales tax technology platform on the market.”

Founded in 2013, TaxJar is dedicated to identifying eCommerce businesses’ sales tax pain points and solving them with technology. In the coming months, Emmet will use machine learning to grow ever more accurate as it helps mid-market eCommerce firms save time and money, while helping remain compliant with sales tax regulatory requirements.

Learn more about Emmet here.

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