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Simplify your Walmart Marketplace sales tax with TaxJar

by TaxJar November 1, 2023

Please note: This blog was originally published in 2018. It’s since been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Walmart’s Marketplace is a win-win for consumers and merchants. It allows Walmart to offer more items than ever at affordable prices, while allowing online sellers to provide their products to a larger audience.

Until Walmart’s partnership with TaxJar, 3rd party sellers on the Walmart Marketplace platform had no simple way to quickly and easily report and file sales tax to states. We heard you – you  were forced to manipulate .CSV files or create Excel spreadsheets. That’s painful and time consuming.

With TaxJar’s Walmart integration, you can put sales tax headaches in the past.

Walmart sales tax management in less than five minutes

Connecting your Walmart account to TaxJar is simple. 

  1. Login to your TaxJar account (Don’t have a TaxJar account? Sign up for a 30-day no-risk free trial and take TaxJar for a spin.)

2. Click “Manage Linked Accounts” on your dashboard

Link your Walmart account to TaxJar

3. Choose the Walmart button on the next page

Add Walmart to TaxJar account

4. TaxJar will walk you through logging in to your Walmart account and entering your unique Walmart credentials. 

Connect Walmart to TaxJar

5. Choose your “Start From” date. (Not sure? Read more about which Walmart “start from” date to choose here.)

6. When you’ve filled in all of the required info, click “Save & Continue.”

7. Allow a few minutes for your Walmart transactions to populate into TaxJar. (If you are a very high volume seller, this could take up to a few hours.) 

That’s it – TaxJar will now slice and dice your Walmart transactions, and you are all set next time a sales tax filing is due. 

File your Walmart sales tax returns the easy way

Walmart Marketplace collects sales tax from buyers on behalf of 3rd party sellers, but after that it’s up to you to remit that sales tax back to the state.

That’s where TaxJar has your back.

TaxJar Reports connects with Walmart and the other shopping carts and marketplaces where you sell your products. 

After you’ve connected all of your eCommerce accounts, we’ll we break down all the sales tax you’ve collected. We’ll show you not only what you’ve collected in each state, but what you’ve collected in each county, city and other special taxing district – just the way your state wants to see it on your sales tax filing.

Use this information to login to your state’s website and file your sales tax return. (Don’t want to bother with filing? Enroll in TaxJar AutoFile and we’ll file your sales tax returns for you!)

All the states where you collect sales tax are easy to find on your TaxJar dashboard:

TaxJar Dashboard 2017

To file your sales tax return using TaxJar Reports, just click into a state. Here’s a sample TaxJar state sales tax report for the state of Washington:

TaxJar Washington report sales tax

TaxJar Reports starts at just $19/month. You can see all of TaxJar’s pricing here.

AutoFile your sales tax returns

Never want to file another sales tax return? Then enroll in TaxJar AutoFile.

TaxJar will use the info you’ve provided from Walmart and the other shopping carts and marketplaces you sell on to file your sales tax returns on your behalf.

All you have to do is enroll one time and we’ll take care of the rest. Never file another sales tax return on your own.

AutoFile costs an additional fee per filing. Get started with a TaxJar free, 30-day trial today.

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